First time to Yogyakarta

Yeaah finally I've been to Jogja 😀 it was embarrassing when people know that I've been to many places in Indonesia but never been to Jogja yet. Well, never too late to visit this City tho hehe.  So the story begin when I decide to do a Java tour trip for Lebaran holiday using Motorbike, yes motorbike all around from West Java to East Jawa. Btw, I'm not the one who ride the bike, I just sit on the back seat haha.  In this trip, Jogja was the first stop, we ride from Bandung in the morning and arrive Jogja at night, it takes 13 hours ride more or less. It's a long ride because it was a takbiran day and of course because of me, I ask to stop for rest too many times I guess hehe. This is my first long ride using bike, so this is like shock therapy for me but it was fun. The day after we arrive, we go to do a little city tour, first stop we eat at Gudeg Jogja Yu Djum, Gudeg is the typical food from Jogja, people said we should eat Gudeg when in Jogja. After that we walk a…

Just saying

Don't you dare to to hurt me because I'm a bulletproof

My thoughts

Now I know that being alone is better than being with a wrong person

Be creative

when you have creativity, money is not a problem 

Recent visit to Sepa Island, Jakarta

I never been to Seribu Island before haha, as a person who lived in Jakarta this is so sad. People was like "what?! you never been to Seribu island?" Hahaha. So when (20-21 May 2017) there's a short dive trip to this pretty island, I join yeaaah.
It's been a long time maybe around six months from my last dive, so this was like my refresh dive trip so I don't forget how to dive.
It was a fun dive trip, the island very pretty, the beach has pretty white sands, the resort was good and clean. 
This is my first time diving in Seribu island, people said this is the best spot compare to the other island. But for me the visibility is bad compare to the East Indonesia dive spot hehe.
Over all this is a fun dive trip, everything went well, meeting new friends who love diving too, it feels amazing when you can meet people who have same interest with you right? thanks to Gelembung Samudera who conduct this trip :) 

My thoughts 

For some people, maybe okay to ask for help from someone else, from your family, friends, bff, colleague, or maybe from strangers. 
Actually, there's nothing wrong with it because sometimes we are in the point that we need others help and there's many kind people out there like to helping people. But for me, I train myself to survive when I'm alone, I like to train myself to stay alive if I don't have anyone to ask for help, if there's no family, no friend, no bff, no boyfriend, no colleague. Because in life there will be time you need to survive with all your own strength, on work, on the field, on the trip or maybe just when there is no one kind enough to help you. When this shitty time comes, I'll be happy that I can handle things by my own way.
Sometimes I like to play role of "people who need helps" to see how the society will react to it or just to make sure this society really shitty or not. One time I did that hahahaha it's amazing to see…