Recent visit to Sepa Island, Jakarta

I never been to Seribu Island before haha, as a person who lived in Jakarta this is so sad. People was like "what?! you never been to Seribu island?" Hahaha. So when (20-21 May 2017) there's a short dive trip to this pretty island, I join yeaaah.
It's been a long time maybe around six months from my last dive, so this was like my refresh dive trip so I don't forget how to dive.
It was a fun dive trip, the island very pretty, the beach has pretty white sands, the resort was good and clean. 
This is my first time diving in Seribu island, people said this is the best spot compare to the other island. But for me the visibility is bad compare to the East Indonesia dive spot hehe.
Over all this is a fun dive trip, everything went well, meeting new friends who love diving too, it feels amazing when you can meet people who have same interest with you right? thanks to Gelembung Samudera who conduct this trip :) 

My thoughts 

For some people, maybe okay to ask for help from someone else, from your family, friends, bff, colleague, or maybe from strangers. 
Actually, there's nothing wrong with it because sometimes we are in the point that we need others help and there's many kind people out there like to helping people. But for me, I train myself to survive when I'm alone, I like to train myself to stay alive if I don't have anyone to ask for help, if there's no family, no friend, no bff, no boyfriend, no colleague. Because in life there will be time you need to survive with all your own strength, on work, on the field, on the trip or maybe just when there is no one kind enough to help you. When this shitty time comes, I'll be happy that I can handle things by my own way.
Sometimes I like to play role of "people who need helps" to see how the society will react to it or just to make sure this society really shitty or not. One time I did that hahahaha it's amazing to see…

My 2nd visit to Meomi Cat Cafe Singapore

This post actually a little throwback to a week ago when I went to Singapore.
I have a little business there and get a chance to go to this cute cat cafe, Meomi Cat Cafe, it located on 668 North Bridge Road, Singapore.

This was my second visit to this cute cafe, where you can play with seven cute cats. But on my first visit, just after leaving Singapore my phone error and all the picts I taken gone :(( well shit happen, I was so upset but yeah what to do. Just looking for another time to visit them again.
Now I got a chance to visit this cute cafe again :) like what I mention before, we can play with seven cute cats here. We can also order snacks and drinks when you are there. Don't worry the kitty won't be interested to your food or drink.
This cafe have some rules for the visitors, you can take picture but don't carry the cat, don't hurt them, don't bring the cats home haha. In this visit I take the the combo package SGD 19 I can play with cats 1,5 hours, eat o…

Pancasila Birthday

As we are Indonesian, we have new holiday called "hari lahir Pancasila" on June 1st.
In the beginning I don't have any plan to spent this day off, so I just woke up, shower and play with make up. Make up is one of my hobbies and that morning I just play with my makeup to join instagram contest haha. I really enjoying that even though I never get a prize yet, but when I enjoy doing it I don't care if I get the prize or not hehe.
When I playin with my make up, suddenly my boy bff(Iyus)in this picture(the one with beard of course not the baby boy) call me and ask for video call, I said okay but he'll see my room full of make up tools, and then we switch to video call. We talk for a couples minutes and theeen my girl bff(Rya) come up on the screen haha. So Iyus came to the Rya's house to visit her and her baby and then they call me. I was screaming and ask them to come to my place haha. We are bff since high school, 13 years ago. Rya is a teacher, Iyus is an arm…

Linda Agustina

Helloow again blogspot! Hahaha I just want to start again blogging, don't know why when people are start vlogging I want to start blogging hehe. Even though I start vlogging also, but I think writing in blog will have different "feels". The thing is when I want to start blogging or vlogging, I always think about what the title will be? What the caption will be? What the design will be? How if its ugly? How if people don't like it?  But now I know that you just need to start, just have fun, don't expect that you can get advantage from it, just WRITE LIKE NOBODY READ IT, right?  So this is my page, will be about my interest and life :)
-picture taken in Pulau Sepa, Pulau Seribu, May 2017-